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Guaranteeing the financial success of your business no longer has to be a tedious, costly and cumbersome affair fraught with inefficiencies and hidden costs.

ASA Media, a global digital marketing agency present you the CitIOculus app. The CitiOculus App is the only known advertising medium of its kind on the market. It is fast, efficient, cost-effective and allows you as the business owner the freedom to communicate with your client using this mobile app service.

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The CitiOculus App allows all Google-listed businesses the opportunity to advertise their products and service, load graphics, catalogues and much more using a simple, easy-to-use mobile application. With users in literally every major city on the globe accessing this mobile app from their cell phones for FREE, the consumer reach is vast!

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This application is not exclusive and is designed to cater for the advertising needs of every type of business for a nominal fee. (Apple iPhone users will be able to use it as an in-app purchase.)

30 Day FREE trial to use the ad portal for businesses to announce your “specials, promotions, news, events and catalogue” via the app, and $99 per year thereafter should you wish to continue for the year with zero commission on bookings or reservations.

Register now to use the CitiOculus App and meet your consumers’ needs while saving on advertising costs and ensuring the financial success of your business!


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